6 Tips For Airbnb Hosts

When you decide to be an Airbnb host, apart from the obvious fact that you will earn more from your extra space, you will also get an opportunity to make new friends. However, it is not always that straightforward; you’re not alone, there are many other hosts battling for the same clients/ guests as you. You need to convince, and give guests reason to pick your space, and not your competitors. Here are some few tips on how you can go about it

  1. Go the extra mile

Most people think that hospitality just ends by welcoming your guests with a smile and showing them to their rooms. However, if you want to standout you should be willing to go the extra mile of spending time with your guests, making them feel welcome and appreciated.

  1. Offer Food

Normally, all you need to do as an Airbnb host  is to provide a comfortable living space with the best amenities. If you can, try and offer to prepare breakfast for your guests for the duration they will be renting. Have refreshments available all the time in the fridge. It might seem costly, but the long term benefits are worth it.

  1. Wash Sheets

Also, you can offer some extra services ike those offered in hotels like washing your guest’s sheets. Be happy while doing it, and you will be surprised at how better your reviews will be.

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  1. Offer Transportation

Airbnb Guests visit from different parts of the UK and the world at large. Consequently, they would love to take a tour of the city or town they are residing once in a while. One way to make a better impression as an Airbnb host is by volunteering to chauffeur them around. You are the best tour guide since this is your home area; however, always seek their consent as some guests prefer exploring new places on their own.

  1. Be child-friendly

Some guests travel as a family. If you get such guests, ready your house accordingly. Make the house safe for kids; be friendly and gentle with them. Buy kiddy stuff that will make kids happy and you will win the hearts of their parents.

  1. Know What Your Guests Love

Before a tourist decides to rent out your space, always get a chance to speak with them. This is the seamless opportunity where you can learn about what they love. Are they vegetarians? Do they have any existing medical conditions that require special treatment? Such information will not just help you prepare for their arrival, but will also make them feel welcome and appreciated; a perfect recipe for positive reviews!

Finding Affordable Art

At first it does seem like a finding art which is affordable may be hard. But the truth is that finding art which is cheaper is now actually easier than ever. The internet has made finding art which is less expensive much easier, and there are some great sites to find the artwork you want as well…

Websites for Art

It can be overwhelming at first but it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for art, you will definitely find the right artwork you. There is a vast amount of choices on there…

If you still don’t think you can find the Artwork you enjoy you can always visit an affordable art fair… 


European Health Insurance Card Is A Blessing For UK Citizens

A valid health insurance can save you much heartache and disappointment when it comes to accessing healthcare. This is especially true in times of emergencies. Ever since the inception of the European Union, citizens of member countries have continued to enjoy benefits of being part of this pact. This includes common currencies thus better and enhanced trade, improved transportation systems which encourage easy movement of people, goods and services and other government initiated incentives. Another great blessing for all UK citizens apart from the above mentioned, is the availability of a common health insurance card. Being in possession of a valid European health insurance card guarantees you will get treatment from a public health institution free of charge. So while you are visiting any of these European countries, you will still get treatment juts like a citizen of that country would. There are some instances where you will be required to pay a small percentage towards payment of the treatment. This is what is referred to as patient co-payment. These options will often depend on the regulations of your home country.

Read for explanation about EHIC card.

The card is your gateway to accessing medical care in times of emergencies or routine maternal checkup and care. But you need to remember that the card will not cover treatment if your specific purpose of traveling to a certain country is to give birth. The good thing about the card is that the recent UK referendum has not changed the rules of the card. You can still use your EHIC card as you did in the past. There are various online platforms and social media sites where you can get more information on how to apply and renew the card. You also have the option of downloading the EHIC App on your phone so as to get updates. Although the card is a blessing for UK citizens, it needs to be valid and in good standing for you to enjoy the services offered. Here a few things to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your EHIC card;

  • Ensure it is valid; the card’s shelf life is 5 years. A recent study proved that a huge percentage of card holders are not aware of this fact and therefore stay with expired cards. You can renew the card even 6 months before the expiry date.
  • Always carry it with you; when on vacation, there are some instances where you feel there is no need of carrying personal identification items. But in order to benefit from this card, you need to carry it with you at all times. In times of emergencies, the card will determine the kind of healthcare you will receive.
  • The card is not a substitute for travel insurance; the card will not cover treatment in private hospitals or cover damages caused by lost or stolen property. Therefore ensure that you also carry your travel insurance card with you along with the European health insurance card. You can read more about EHIC here or apply for EHIC.
  • Ensure the details are up to date; when applying for the card, you are usually required to fill in personal names, address, date of birth etc. ensure all these details are up to date before seeking treatment.

By keeping the above points in mind, you are guaranteed peace of mind as you travel within Europe. The European health insurance card (EHIC) has already helped millions of people gain acess to state healthcare free of charge, including their spouses and family members. By having the card, you will be protecting yourself from serious situations which could arise as a result of lacking an insurance card when accessing a hospital.

What Are The Government Norms Involved In Handling Electrical Equipment In London

Electrical-EquipmentAccording to the London 1994 Electrical Equipment regulations all manufactures of electrical equipment must comply with the safety regulations contained in this clause. This is to ensure that all electrical tools have the required voltage limit that is safe to use within a specified scope. These regulations cover domestic appliances for a certain voltage. The components that need to conform to these regulations include all electrical appliances. These must bear the European conformity marking.  As such there are two main types of components;

  • Electrical components; this includes all the apparatus needed to accomplish a certain purpose. All such equipment need to satisfy the requirements of the 1994 British regulations.
  • Nonelectrical components; components which are classified in this group do not require to comply with the above mentioned regulations. However, the law still applies in the sense that the equipment still need to be safe for use and a 24 hour electrician london would know how to advice and do the job.

Responsibilities of an electrical manufacturer

The person who is identified in the European economic area (EEA) and is responsible for designing electrical equipment is named here as the manufacturer. He/she is expected to comply with the safety regulations. He should ensure the following;

  • Safety; any event of death, personal injury, or shock, should be greatly minimized. This also includes any accidents involving people or domestic animals and property damage.
  • Proper construction; all construction should adhere to good practice. The electrician or constructor for that property should implement all safe earthing procedures including insulations services.
  • Harmony; the safety and construction procedures adhered to during electrical wiring systems need to be harmonized according to international standards. The standards are established by the International Electoral commission of London and include all the relevant details needed to justify the work of a qualified electrician.

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A Guide To The Photography Industry

Photography is a creative and exciting career but while building your business, you will face riddles and challenges. However, with the right tools, some foresight and a lot of planning, you will be able to evade numerous of those challenges. You also have to know what to expect so you can be ready.


Business Plan– First, write a business plan from company like 69 drops Studio. This will help you through the start up stage. Of course, you have to write it well with solid planning and enough finances to keep you afloat until you start getting profits. Consider your services, your marketing plan and your target audience.

The Ideal Client- To stand out as a top photographer, you have to pick one trade and specialize in it, and then you can define your ideal clients. Knowing your clients means you will have a clear marketing strategy and you will know where to reach them.

Equipments– The results you get are highly determines by the quality of equipments you have. These are some of the most valuable assets so make sure you invest in them wisely. You need the right camera, varieties of lenses and a lot more. You need to have backup equipments in case things go south in an event but you can always rent the ones you don’t use often.

Have a Price Plan– This one can be a real headache for both beginners and professionals but you have to know what to charge, right? You have to know what it costs you to run the business without putting a strain on yourself so don’t let the clients tell you what to charge. Your business can come down easily that it will take to build it so do your math.

Website– there’s no need to have a complex website these days. All you need is a simple platform highlighting your work and your contacts with a photo studio hire.

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10 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your New Apartment

You may realize that with time, you no longer need some covetable items that looked good in your small apartment. If you are going for a more sophisticated look, you can bring out the whole grown-up idea to life. At times you may be too comfortable around your house clutter. Be creative and get good storage supplies for them.

Things you need to get rid of in your new apartment;

  1. Grocery bags; if you do not need the grocery paper bags anymore just do away with them or look for a better storage unit to put them in.
  2. Bottles; clear out your used bottles from the bathroom shelves.
  3. Chipped utensils; if you have utensils that are chipped on the rim, decide where to place them or donate. They are worn out and can cause lip bleeding.
  4. Gallery wall; instead of doing photo collages like in your previous small apartment; sort out the pictures in a well-placed gallery wall that is more sophisticated.
  5. Framed posters; posters are no longer as fashionable as they used to be. If you want to express your love for something, try using hanging frames.
  6. Shoes; it’s often hard to give away your favorite shoes even though they are not fitting anymore. Yet, it’s always prudent to do away with them and buy better ones.
  7. Glass vases. If you have so many vases around the house that are not in use, donate some of them.
  8. Clothes; form a habit of donating clothes you hardly wear anymore. Clear out space in your closet rather than letting it look crowded and messy.
  9. Furniture; get rid of that cozy college couch that has lasted you through college. Sell it and buy good furniture from a top deisgner furniture store

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Getting rid of the few unwanted items in and around your house gives you space to have better furniture and other household items

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Curly Hair Vs Straight Hair Who Wins?

Hairstyles are important in projecting a certain image. It helps give you the confidence to face the world and a great hair style creates a great first impression. There are 2 main ways to describe a hair style; curly or wavy. I was attending a magician london event and there I saw curly and straight hairstyles.


Below you will find the main differences between curly and straight hair;

  • Curly hair – Some people have naturally curly hair which comes about from the way the hair emerges from the scalp. Naturally curly hair is beautiful and unique, yet it also requires a high level of maintenance such as use of wide toothed combs, a strong hair conditioner and a hair stylist who takes great care in combing out and styling natural curls.
  • For people with straight hair who desire curly hair, curly hair can be created using a variety of hair tools that create curls such as curling irons. This usually requires the use of heat and a curler to create the curls. Be sure to use a recommended stylist who knows how to use the tools without causing damage to the scalp or to the hair. It is also important the stylist advises how often you curl your hair because the high heat weakens hair over a period of time. It’s important to alternative hair styles to give your hair a break to allow it time to regenerate.
  • Straight hair – This is hair that has a smooth, straight and sleek look. It is suitable for all types of hair. Naturally straight hair is easier to maintain than curly hair and has less knots and breaks less. It is important to keep straight hair glossy using hair products that give it a healthy glow.

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Whether curly or straight, knowing how to maintain and keep your hair healthy is important for ones well being and general appearance.

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Why Students Learn ‘Hip Hop Dance

Hip-hop dance started gaining popularity in the late 80s, and by the early 90s, it had solidly entrenched itself as the popular preference of teenagers and youths. Even today, this dance continues to enjoy massive popularity among the teens, specifically students. You’ll find students enrolling for hip-hop dance lessons just to learn the latest moves, and perfect what they already know.

Below are some of the most common reasons why students learn hip-hop;

  • It’s stylish and trendy; hip-hop is seen as stylish and trendy by many students, and for a good reason. Whoever can dance best, whoever can execute the latest moves is viewed as the most popular, the coolest among other students.
  • Hip-hop culture; hip-hop is a culture; it is more than just about dancing. It is about the clothing, it is about the swagger and so on so forth.
  • Dance troupes; students often arrange themselves into dance troupes, where they practice jointly. They then can perform in events and enter into competitions.
  • Keep Fit; Hip-hop dancers tend to be fit and healthy, thanks to the rigorous training needed before one is perfect. It involves leg work, moving your waist, hands, neck, head, arms; hip-hop dance entails working out almost your entire body.
  • It’s fun; Students tend to get very excited and thrilled about dancing hip-hop, it is so much fun to them. Besides, hip-hop is being fused nowadays with other styles like Bollywood dance school, to come up with highly dynamic and captivating moves that are fun to watch, and fun to dance.
  • Keep off drugs; an idle mind is the workshop of the devil. Students tend to be the easiest victims of vices like drug use, and other irresponsible behavior. But when they enroll for hip-hop dance lessons, they don’t have much of the free and idle time that they’d use to do drugs.
House Clearance Wimbledon

Get House clearances in the Wimbledon

The house clearance experts are needed in Wimbledon for various reasons. The house cleaner experts provide you clearance of the houses, the sanitary services, the cleaning services et cetera. Sometime there are many unwanted things lying in the house which occupy the whole lot of space. They’re unwanted sofas, old electronics and thereOffice-Clearance are other junk items that occupy very valuable space in the house so you can probably hire your company today for house clearance wimbledon.

The house clearance experts in Wimbledon provide excellent services to the customers. Our customers vouch for a excellent and affordable services in the Wimbledon. House clearance experts are needed not only to clear the houses and flats pieces but also for cleaning and other purposes. At Wimbledon we have we have a team of experts that have experience of over many years of house clearance in the modern. We are even read it at your comments. Many people recommend services in Wimbledon to the customers for an efficient and affordable house clearance work.

And if you also want rubbish removal for your offices or commercial areas you can also look for best rubbish removal london today and make the most use of these services.

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11 Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Consultant

Just before you hire an SEO consultant, it is important to have a few questions ready. These are question you will ask a potential SEO consultant to assess their viability before taking up their role as your SEO consultant.

These are the 11 questions you should ask a potential SEO consultant;

  1. For how long have you practiced SEO? This helps you ascertain the years of experience, their exposure and their expertise in the SEO industry. SEO is relatively new and most SEO consultants are self taught. This is an important fact when hiring someone who will bring their years of experience to your business.
  2. What training did you receive to become an SEO consultant? Most SEO consultants have learnt by applying themselves and studying available material online. There aren’t many universities and colleges offering SEO training and asking this will help you ascertain their level of expert in SEO.
  3. What is your approach to SEO? This question will give you a good idea of how they handle SEO, what strategies they use and how they will implement it.
  4. How do you handle the shifting times of the SEO world? Since SEO is a relatively new field, it is important you work with someone who is aware of this and is constantly learning and training to find out the current trends in the market.
  1. How do you plan to generate more traffic? There are standard ways and measures an SEO consultant will take to ensure greater traffic and the consultant should be able to highlight these.
  2. Should I have to create new online content? A good SEO consultant will respond by asking what is currently in place and make recommendations based on this information.
  3. I would like more links, can you do this? An SEO consultant will mention that it takes time and relationships to create links, it can be done but it will take time.
  4. What guarantees do you give? An SEO consultant cannot say what ranking you will achieve, they can only promise to do everything they can to hope for a high ranking.
  5. What is your rate? It is important to know the consultants rate during the interview.
  6. Who does the actual work? It will help you know whether the SEO consultant has employed a team or whether he does the work himself.
  7. Can you give me 2 – 3 references of clients you have worked for recently? This will give you an idea of the SEO’s quality of work in the past.


These 11 questions will help you find out the most from a potential SEO consultant before hiring so that you can make a good hiring decision. Read more about search engine optimization consultancy at https://www.clickdo.co.uk/seo-consultant/

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