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Chichester Language College FAQ's

Q. What is the minimum age required to study at CLC?
A. To join an adult course, you need to be 16 or over, but as our courses are for adults, we are best for over-18s. We also run junior courses in the Summer for 10-15 year olds. We can accept Junior students (10-15 years’ old) at any time of the year if they are part of an organised group.

Q. What are they typical ages and nationalities of your students?
A. Most of our students are aged 20-29, but we have successfully taught students from 10-60! At CLC, we have an excellent mixture of nationalities mostly from Europe, Asia and South America.

Q. What are they typical ages and nationalities of your students?
A. Most of our students are aged 20-29, but we have successfully taught students from 10-60! At CLC, we have an excellent mixture of nationalities and we want to preserve this.

Q. Can I join a course after it has started?
A. Yes. Our teachers are accustomed to continuous enrolment and will make every effort to make you comfortable after you join.

Student Visa Application

Q. What if I feel that my level is the wrong one for my ability?
A. Talk to your teacher first. They will advise you on the best level for you. If you are still unhappy, you can talk to the Director of Studies or the Principal.

Q. Can I get a Student Visa through your College?
A. Yes. We offer the Student Visitor Visa (SVV) and Extended Student Visitor Visa (ESVV). Having a student visa means that you have a clear commitment to the College and your studies. We have produced a helpsheet to provide more information:

Q. Is there a library/I.T. study area in the college?
A. We have a small library at Reception for you to borrow books from. We also have an IT area with Free internet access for students at any time the College is open.

Q. Can I have a trial lesson before I book my course?
A. Yes. We think it is important that you feel confident about your course if you have any doubts.

Q. Can I pay in instalments?
A. For courses of 6 months or more, it is possible to pay in 2 instalments. Please contact the College for more information about this.

Q. Are there any discounts on course fees?
A. Unfortunately, no, as this is not fair on other students who have paid the full price.

Q. What holidays can I take during my course?
A. For those on a student visa, there are limits on holidays (See our Terms & Conditions) and these are included in the period of study. For non-Visa students, if you tell us, the dates of weeks you will not be present before you start your course, we will not charge you for these weeks.

Q. If I want to extend my course, can I pay the difference between the price for my course and a longer course?
A. No. If you want to extend your course, you will need to start again in payment. For example, if you want an extra 3 weeks, you will need to pay the price for 3 weeks and not 19 minus 16 weeks.

Q. If I take a second course or extend my current one, do I have to pay the Enrolment Fee of £50 again?
A. No. The enrolment fee is only paid once – even if you come back to us a year later.

Q. How many coursebooks do I have to buy?
A. On payment of the enrolment fee, the first coursebook is provided free of charge. On average, you will need a new coursebook every 3-4 months. This does not amount to much money. We sell coursebooks at Reception and we charge a reasonable price for these.

Q. Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?
A. Yes, if your attendance has been satisfactory. We will also provide you with an Academic Report, which details your abilities in various aspects of your study.

Q. Can you arrange accommodation if I do not take one of your courses?
A. Unfortunately, due to high demand and time spent on administration, our accommodation is for CLC students only.

Q. Do I have to pay for accommodation for the same period as my studies.
A. No. We are quite happy for you book accommodation just for a few weeks and then pay the host family directly yourself after this period. However, we recommend that you pay us and then we can arrange this for you.

Q. What is the cost of living in the UK?
A. After your accommodation and course costs, we would recommend you allow at least £70 per week for food and general expenditure.

Q. Why should I study in Chichester and not in Brighton, Bournemouth or London?
A. If you want to learn English, Chichester is a better place than Brighton, Bournemouth or London as it has a higher percentage of native English speakers. It is much easier to make friends with English people here and there is less temptation for overseas students to mix with their own nationality all the time. Chichester is a lively, fun, friendly and green city.

Q. Can I be an agent for your College?
A. Of course. If you wish to act as a representative of Chichester Language College, please contact the Principal, David Tompkins, by telephone (0044-2380 231397) or by e-mail and he will be happy to provide you with details and an agent’s agreement.

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