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Homestay Accommodation in Chichester
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Chichester Language College works directly with local residents to provide 2 main types of accommodation:

1. Homestay Accommodation with meals in Chichester

For most students coming from abroad to study with us, we recommend homestay accommodation. This is where a local Chichester family provides you with your own room, use of facilities, a good breakfast and evening meal, as well the natural speaking practice you will receive in English from living with a native speaker family.

We have a number of different homestay families available. For 18+ years' old students, Homestay accommodation with meals costs £135 per week* for a single room. For under-18s, the cost is £150 per week** – due to the extra responsibility and legal safeguards.

2. Self-catering Homestay Accommodation in Chichester

A less expensive option is Private Home accommodation. This is self-catering and there may be less contact with the accommodation provider. This costs £100 per week* and is payable in advance.

All Homestay and Private Home accommodation providers are inspected by Chichester Language College to high standards to ensure that they can provide the required service before we send any student to them.  You are, of course, invited to comment at any time on the suitability of your homestay accommodation and host family.

Renting Accommodation in Chichester

After you fully settle into Chichester life, you may feel that it is time to live by yourself or with newly-found friends. We may be able to assist you in finding a suitable place to rent. Just ask at Reception.

It is good to remember that most letting agencies ask for a commitment of at least 6 months residence and a month’s rent in advance and the same amount as a deposit. The good news is that there is usually lots of accommodation available in Chichester.

For very short-term students, you may wish to stay in one of Chichester’s Hotels or Bed & Breakfasts. We can help you find a suitable one if you need it

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*This price includes a £5 per week administration charge
**This price includes a £10 per week administration charge

For more information on our Accommodation prices, please see our Pricelist

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