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The Mother of all End of tenancy cleaning Checklists

end-of-tenancy-cleaning-checklistCleaning all the rental properties you occupied at the end of your lease not only benefits your landlord but also you as the tenant. It for instance ensures that you get back your rent deposit amount in full and that you are leaving a good name behind. End of tenancy cleaning is however not easy, but an end of tenancy cleaning checklist is always provided to channel you through what is required to make certain that you are not leaving anything out. Landlords will give out their EOT cleaning requirements too, but here is the mother of all EOT cleaning checklist to use as your guide


Ensure that all the dust and dirt is taken care of in all the bedrooms. To clean the bedrooms from top to bottom, these are the areas you should concentrate on:

  • Remove cobwebs on the ceilings and corners
  • Wipe out accumulated dust on doors, windows, curtain rails and picture frames
  • Wipe rechargeable surfaces- on the shelves, wardrobes and cupboards
  • Vacuum both sides of the curtains and blinds
  • Clean and polish pictures, mirrors, metal ornaments and wall hangings plus decorations and skirting boards
  • Wipe light fittings, the lampshades and switches
  • Walls- wipe dirt marks or repaint
  • Clean power sockets and extension cords
  • Vacuum the mattresses
  • Scrub and polish hard floors


To thoroughly clean the bathrooms, these are the areas to pay attention to:

  • Noticeable dirt and mildew in bathrooms
  • Toilets, showers, tiles and baths.
  • The basins, taps and fittings
  • Remove any hard water stains and lime scale
  • Clean all soap dispensers, radiators and towel rails
  • Clean the plumbing behind the toilet
  • Remove marks or stains on shower screens
  • Drains
  • Clean and polish mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Wipe out taps, showerheads and other metal surfaces
  • Clean the toothbrush area
  • Clean the extractor fans


Since it is the most used part of the house, a lot of time and effort should be dedicated to the kitchen. These are the most important areas:

  • Clean all worktops, countertops and sink area
  • Clean the inside and out of cupboards, drawers and shelves
  • Throw away any leftover food and carrier bags
  • Remove any accumulated limescale
  • Degrease the tiles and ovens, inside and out
  • Clean extractors and knobs
  • Remove any mold growth between grout
  • Stack and organize the cutlery, utensils and other dining accessories
  • Clean microwaves, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and all other appliances inside and out
  • Remove rubbish and sanitize the bins
  • Clean the windows, sills, ledges and frames
  • Clean all woodwork in the kitchen including doors, handles, doorframes, furnishings and skirting boards
  • Clean the radiators if accessible
  • Plugs and side switches
  • Scrub and vacuum the floors

Furnishings and carpets

All furnishings and carpets must be wiped, vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned where applicable:

  • Wipe and polish all tables, worktops and countertop surfaces
  • Remove all fingerprint marks and oil stains
  • Polish sofa cushions and vacuum the sofa
  • Dust and polish other wooden units
  • Vacuum all carpet edges
  • Move furniture to vacuum underneath. If possible, steam them.
  • Remove any stains on the carpets

Cupboards, drawers and shelves

  • Clear out all cupboards, drawers and shelves and clean inside and out
  • Remove any unnecessary items or leftover goods
  • Wipe their handles


Ensure that all appliances are lean and in perfect working condition-

  • Remove any soap, food deposits and any mildew in the dishwasher.

Inspect and clean all filters.

Wipe the rubber seals and then move it to clean underneath and behind.

Clean the soap dispenser and its handles.

  • Clean the washing machine of any stains or leftovers

Inspect and clean its filters and rubber seal

Move it to clean underneath and behind

Clean its handles and soap dispenser drawer

  • Clean the tumble dryer inside and out

Inspect its rubber seal and filter

Clean its soap dispenser drawer

  • Clean and degrease the oven, microwave, extractor fan, hob and grill

Remove any food deposits and grime

Clean the oven racks and grill pan

Inspect and clean their rubber seals and buttons

  • Clean and polish the exterior of the toaster

Remove any food deposits and breadcrumbs

Clean its inside as much as you can

Degrease its handles and remove any grime

Hallway and stairs

  • Dust and clean stairs and banisters

When the time to do the end of tenancy cleaning comes, you will realize that it is very easy to work with a checklist. Tick off everything on your checklist or tenancy agreement to ensure that you have taken care of everything your landlord requires of you. A EOT Cleaning checklist will make your work easier and save your time.

What Are The Government Norms Involved In Handling Electrical Equipment In London

Electrical-EquipmentAccording to the London 1994 Electrical Equipment regulations all manufactures of electrical equipment must comply with the safety regulations contained in this clause. This is to ensure that all electrical tools have the required voltage limit that is safe to use within a specified scope. These regulations cover domestic appliances for a certain voltage. The components that need to conform to these regulations include all electrical appliances. These must bear the European conformity marking.  As such there are two main types of components;

  • Electrical components; this includes all the apparatus needed to accomplish a certain purpose. All such equipment need to satisfy the requirements of the 1994 British regulations.
  • Nonelectrical components; components which are classified in this group do not require to comply with the above mentioned regulations. However, the law still applies in the sense that the equipment still need to be safe for use and a 24 hour electrician london would know how to advice and do the job.

Responsibilities of an electrical manufacturer

The person who is identified in the European economic area (EEA) and is responsible for designing electrical equipment is named here as the manufacturer. He/she is expected to comply with the safety regulations. He should ensure the following;

  • Safety; any event of death, personal injury, or shock, should be greatly minimized. This also includes any accidents involving people or domestic animals and property damage.
  • Proper construction; all construction should adhere to good practice. The electrician or constructor for that property should implement all safe earthing procedures including insulations services.
  • Harmony; the safety and construction procedures adhered to during electrical wiring systems need to be harmonized according to international standards. The standards are established by the International Electoral commission of London and include all the relevant details needed to justify the work of a qualified electrician.

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Different Certifications to Become a Teacher in London

There are a number of methods to become a qualified teacher in London. The different methods available take care of all people who want to get into the teaching profession. The pathways to becoming a teacher in London is different for post graduates, undergraduates and high school diploma holders. In London you can become a teacher via these qualifications:

School Direct Teacher Training

School direct is a method of becoming a QTS by training on the job .Trainees are required to have an initial undergraduate degree in any subject , and a minimum of a C in GSCE  English and Mathematics. School direct teacher trainees mostly find work in independent schools. However, to qualify for this your undergraduate degree should be relevant to the subject you want to teach. You will be teaching at the school you get accepted in while you undertake a QTS training.

Undergraduate teaching degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in London leads to a direct qualification for QTS. Such a degree takes 3 full years .In addition to full time training, trainees  undertake a 4 months school experience placement .Trainees choose a subject of specialism in their first year

BTEC Level 3 (90-credit) Diploma in Health and Social Care

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

The PGCE is another route to obtain a qualified teacher status in London. PGCE is available for both primary and secondary teaching in various universities. Prospective trainees need to have good command of their chosen subjects and clear focus of what age range they will be teaching. PGCE Courses are funded like undergraduate degrees. This higher education course takes two years and it allows graduates in any field to become qualified teachers within maintained schools.

Graduate Teacher Programme

This is on the job training similar to School Direct, but this one is salaried. GTP is for individuals who wish to make a career change, it gives them a chance to try out teaching. Individuals earn a salary as they teach within a selected school while they undergo ITT. Your school pays you an unqualified teacher’s salary.

Early Childhood Education degree

Early childhood education has grown to be a broad field of study attracting many prospective trainees. To enroll into this degree programme most institutions require a GCE A-level BBC. The qualified teacher status is automatically awarded to those who complete training and school placements

School Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

This is a one year training run by a group of schools, after which you are awarded a QTS. Trainees receive training within the school they are supposed to teach rather than at the university. Trainees spend most of their time in a primary or secondary school teaching students while receiving training from a qualified mentor. To get the SCITT opportunity you are required to approach potential schools in person and make your case. An honors degree and a minimum of C in GSCE English and Mathematicises required for this certification.

Despite the different methods and pathways to this profession, the skills, experience and the training needed remains the same. It is important to note that some independent schools and academies do not require their teachers to have a QTS.

By SCCD Training School In London.

6 Tips For Airbnb Hosts

When you decide to be an Airbnb host, apart from the obvious fact that you will earn more from your extra space, you will also get an opportunity to make new friends. However, it is not always that straightforward; you’re not alone, there are many other hosts battling for the same clients/ guests as you. You need to convince, and give guests reason to pick your space, and not your competitors. Here are some few tips on how you can go about it

  1. Go the extra mile

Most people think that hospitality just ends by welcoming your guests with a smile and showing them to their rooms. However, if you want to standout you should be willing to go the extra mile of spending time with your guests, making them feel welcome and appreciated.

  1. Offer Food

Normally, all you need to do as an Airbnb host  is to provide a comfortable living space with the best amenities. If you can, try and offer to prepare breakfast for your guests for the duration they will be renting. Have refreshments available all the time in the fridge. It might seem costly, but the long term benefits are worth it.

  1. Wash Sheets

Also, you can offer some extra services ike those offered in hotels like washing your guest’s sheets. Be happy while doing it, and you will be surprised at how better your reviews will be.

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  1. Offer Transportation

Airbnb Guests visit from different parts of the UK and the world at large. Consequently, they would love to take a tour of the city or town they are residing once in a while. One way to make a better impression as an Airbnb host is by volunteering to chauffeur them around. You are the best tour guide since this is your home area; however, always seek their consent as some guests prefer exploring new places on their own.

  1. Be child-friendly

Some guests travel as a family. If you get such guests, ready your house accordingly. Make the house safe for kids; be friendly and gentle with them. Buy kiddy stuff that will make kids happy and you will win the hearts of their parents.

  1. Know What Your Guests Love

Before a tourist decides to rent out your space, always get a chance to speak with them. This is the seamless opportunity where you can learn about what they love. Are they vegetarians? Do they have any existing medical conditions that require special treatment? Such information will not just help you prepare for their arrival, but will also make them feel welcome and appreciated; a perfect recipe for positive reviews!

European Health Insurance Card Is A Blessing For UK Citizens

A valid health insurance can save you much heartache and disappointment when it comes to accessing healthcare. This is especially true in times of emergencies. Ever since the inception of the European Union, citizens of member countries have continued to enjoy benefits of being part of this pact. This includes common currencies thus better and enhanced trade, improved transportation systems which encourage easy movement of people, goods and services and other government initiated incentives. Another great blessing for all UK citizens apart from the above mentioned, is the availability of a common health insurance card. Being in possession of a valid European health insurance card guarantees you will get treatment from a public health institution free of charge. So while you are visiting any of these European countries, you will still get treatment juts like a citizen of that country would. There are some instances where you will be required to pay a small percentage towards payment of the treatment. This is what is referred to as patient co-payment. These options will often depend on the regulations of your home country.

Read for explanation about EHIC card.

The card is your gateway to accessing medical care in times of emergencies or routine maternal checkup and care. But you need to remember that the card will not cover treatment if your specific purpose of traveling to a certain country is to give birth. The good thing about the card is that the recent UK referendum has not changed the rules of the card. You can still use your EHIC card as you did in the past. There are various online platforms and social media sites where you can get more information on how to apply and renew the card. You also have the option of downloading the EHIC App on your phone so as to get updates. Although the card is a blessing for UK citizens, it needs to be valid and in good standing for you to enjoy the services offered. Here a few things to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your EHIC card;

  • Ensure it is valid; the card’s shelf life is 5 years. A recent study proved that a huge percentage of card holders are not aware of this fact and therefore stay with expired cards. You can renew the card even 6 months before the expiry date.
  • Always carry it with you; when on vacation, there are some instances where you feel there is no need of carrying personal identification items. But in order to benefit from this card, you need to carry it with you at all times. In times of emergencies, the card will determine the kind of healthcare you will receive.
  • The card is not a substitute for travel insurance; the card will not cover treatment in private hospitals or cover damages caused by lost or stolen property. Therefore ensure that you also carry your travel insurance card with you along with the European health insurance card. You can read more about EHIC here or apply for EHIC.
  • Ensure the details are up to date; when applying for the card, you are usually required to fill in personal names, address, date of birth etc. ensure all these details are up to date before seeking treatment.

By keeping the above points in mind, you are guaranteed peace of mind as you travel within Europe. The European health insurance card (EHIC) has already helped millions of people gain acess to state healthcare free of charge, including their spouses and family members. By having the card, you will be protecting yourself from serious situations which could arise as a result of lacking an insurance card when accessing a hospital.

11 Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Consultant

Just before you hire an SEO consultant, it is important to have a few questions ready. These are question you will ask a potential SEO consultant to assess their viability before taking up their role as your SEO consultant.

These are the 11 questions you should ask a potential SEO consultant;

  1. For how long have you practiced SEO? This helps you ascertain the years of experience, their exposure and their expertise in the SEO industry. SEO is relatively new and most SEO consultants are self taught. This is an important fact when hiring someone who will bring their years of experience to your business.
  2. What training did you receive to become an SEO consultant? Most SEO consultants have learnt by applying themselves and studying available material online. There aren’t many universities and colleges offering SEO training and asking this will help you ascertain their level of expert in SEO.
  3. What is your approach to SEO? This question will give you a good idea of how they handle SEO, what strategies they use and how they will implement it.
  4. How do you handle the shifting times of the SEO world? Since SEO is a relatively new field, it is important you work with someone who is aware of this and is constantly learning and training to find out the current trends in the market.
  1. How do you plan to generate more traffic? There are standard ways and measures an SEO consultant will take to ensure greater traffic and the consultant should be able to highlight these.
  2. Should I have to create new online content? A good SEO consultant will respond by asking what is currently in place and make recommendations based on this information.
  3. I would like more links, can you do this? An SEO consultant will mention that it takes time and relationships to create links, it can be done but it will take time.
  4. What guarantees do you give? An SEO consultant cannot say what ranking you will achieve, they can only promise to do everything they can to hope for a high ranking.
  5. What is your rate? It is important to know the consultants rate during the interview.
  6. Who does the actual work? It will help you know whether the SEO consultant has employed a team or whether he does the work himself.
  7. Can you give me 2 – 3 references of clients you have worked for recently? This will give you an idea of the SEO’s quality of work in the past.


These 11 questions will help you find out the most from a potential SEO consultant before hiring so that you can make a good hiring decision. Read more about search engine optimization consultancy at

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