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Your teacher will provide you with regular progress tests so that you can see your improvement. 
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English Courses at Chichester Language College

At Chichester Language College, we use a mixture of modern and traditional methods of language teaching to help you learn quickly. We place particular emphasis on good vocabulary and provide the speaking practice that you need to survive and improve your life either here in England or anywhere in the world.

Our teachers are carefully chosen for their ability and enthusiasm. You are welcome to have a Free Trial Lesson before you join the college to see if the lessons are right for you. We are confident they will be.

Chichester Language College has a maximum class size of 14 students – although the average is around 8 per class. We accept under-16s in special courses separate from adults. Our classes accept part-time as well as full-time students.

A general English class covers all skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), along with the work you need on grammar and vocabulary.

At CLC we believe it is vital to emphasise natural vocabulary with constant recycling of the words and phrases you have learnt. It is not enough that you learn – you need to feel that you are learning.

Here are the levels we offer:

Skills Hours (Communication and/or Exam Training Skills)

Most students supplement their General English class with 1 or 2 extra skills hours.  Please click here for more information on Skills hours.

One-to-One Lessons

Some students need to learn very quickly and choose a private lesson with one of our experienced teachers.  The good thing about private lessons is that you can choose what you want to focus on (e.g. English for Tourism or Business English).  Our prices are excellent value!

Lesson times available

You can study 6, 9, 12, 15, 20, 25 or 30.5 hours a week, although 20 hours is recommended to most students. 15 hours is the minimum course for visa students. Here is the typical CLC timetable:

Level Placement and your first day

When you arrive at Chichester Language College, we will provide you with a computerised placement test and a spoken interview that will determine your level.  The whole process takes about half an hour. We will also provide you with a Student Handbook by e-mail that gives you information about the College and Chichester in general.

When you arrive in your classroom, your teacher will welcome you and introduce you to the class.  We want you to be happy at Chichester Language College, so if you ever have any problems, see your teacher and then the Director of Studies who will be pleased to assist you. You can make an appointment to see the Principal at any time.


It is College policy to give all new English language course students (on payment of the £60 Enrolment Fee) a coursebook for the class you are studying in. You will usually get this on your first day but it may take longer if we have to order them in. Any further coursebooks you later require (e.g. if you change level) must be paid separately by you. The price of coursebooks at Reception is £30.

During your course

Your teacher will provide you with regular progress tests so that you can see your improvement. These tests will vary from a quick vocabulary check to a full end of level exam.  Typically, you will change your level of study every 3 months, but this will depend on your progress.

At Chichester Language College, we check regularly if you are happy here at the school and in your class. We do this so we can constantly improve our service to you.

Finishing your course

In your final week of study, you will receive a simple questionnaire on the school (and on your homestay accommodation, if applicable) so that we can check we have provided a good service to you.
On your last day, you will receive a combined certificate of study and academic report for you to take away with you. 

You may find this useful if you need to prove your level of English in the future (for example, jobs you want to get or courses you want to study).

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