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Online English Test

Take the free English level test to find out how well you know English. Choose the correct option from the list to fill in the gap. After taking the test your score will be emailed to you.

  • 1Hello, ________ David.
  • 2Cristina and Eduardo are from Spain. __________ Spanish.
  • 3(put in the correct order) Do he evening what the in does ?
  • 4Do you have _______ brothers and sisters?
  • 5If it's raining, you should take a(n) _________.
  • 6(at the station) Would you like a single or __________ ticket, madam?
  • 7My first name is Ben and my _________ is Smith.
  • 8He's my father's brother, so he is my _________ .
  • 9An architect _____________ .
  • 10My Dad ____ a teacher. He is a lawyer and ________ very long hours!
  • 11I'm English and I _________ in Portsmouth.
  • 12What are you _________ do this evening?
  • 13I'm ________ because I can't find my keys.
  • 14Her children are so _________ ! It is so difficult to control them.
  • 15I ________ around the United States last year. I ________ to 12 countries in my life so far.
  • 16Gerry's won 50,000 on the lottery? He's __________ person I know.
  • 17He's just someone I work with, so he's my ________ .
  • 18I've got a cold, so I've got a ________ nose and a ______ throat.
  • 19I ________ my mother in that I'm as tall and thin as she was.
  • 20If I _____ the Queen of England, I _______ a huge party!
  • 21He _______ in his job for 12 years now. He still loves it.
  • 22Please ______ to the party mum! All my friends are going.
  • 23(In our College Reception) What was your _____ in the Placement test?
  • 24I offered _____ him with his homework but he didn't want it.
  • 25The exhibition was ____ . I didn't realise that science could be so interesting.
  • 26When I was on holiday in Turkey, I _____ a surprising number of Turkish words.
  • 27I'm really tired because I was up all night _____ the internet.
  • 28I think that some subjects at school are a _______ of time.
  • 29Are you ____ ride a motorbike?
  • 30The Olympic Stadium _______ at the moment.
  • 31He's the person ____ invented the television.
  • 32In Germany, You ____ drive as fast as you want on some of the motorways.
  • 33They got _____ each other 50 years ago, so it's their golden wedding anniversary soon.
  • 34_____ people have jobs in my country than 10 years ago. It's a bad situation.
  • 35[Complete the sentence] If I met someone really famous?
  • 36[Joke] 'Doctor, if I give up smoking, drinking, fast cars and women, will I live longer?'
  • 37[Teacher to Students] 'Here is some extra homework, but you ______ do it.'
  • 38I saw him acting suspiciously by the bank, so he ____ the thief.
  • 39It took me a few years of living there to _____ people's customs.
  • 40I broke up with my girlfriend last year. We ______ problems for a while before then.
  • 41My student loan has run out. I have to ask my bank for a(n) ______ .
  • 42He told me that he ____ the last year in prison but I don't believe him.
  • 43Would you mind telling me ____ ?
  • 44It wasn't until 2008 that the business really began to ____ and become successful.
  • 45Good answer! You've really hit the ___ on the ___ there.
  • 46What terrible weather outside! _____ , let's get down to business.
  • 47I think the economy's ____ to get better soon. The signs are good.
  • 48I'm _____ going to the dentists tomorrow. I can't stand it.
  • 49You really should go to that restaurant. The food is ____ .
  • 50The police turned a ____ to his speeding because it was only a few kph over the limit.
  • 51Under no circumstances ____ to ignore this warning.
  • 52This drawer in my study is just full of ____ . Nothing of much use.
  • 53The companies profits are set to ___ in the next financial year. Hooray!
  • 54By ____ , we met at the airport at the same time.
  • 55You shouldn't let your problems ____ .
  • 56If only _____ such a stupid mistake.
  • 57She talks so much that you can't get a ______ .
  • 58You can use this office _____ until yours is ready.
  • 59If you ____ until three, naturally you're going to be tired.
  • 60What I do in my spare time _____ , I'm afraid!
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