O2 Signal Booster Works

How O2 Signal Booster Works?

O2 is one of Britain’s most popular telecommunication providers, covering more than 26% of subscribers in the UK. The telephone company provides a 2G network, 3Gnetwork, 4G network and recently launched the 5G network. 02, being the second most popular telephone company, gives one in four chance that you are using their network services for calls, texts, and the internet.

The mobile operator has strived to make the network coverage ubiquitous in the entire nation so that everybody can enjoy their services. But in some places, due to noise from radio signals blockages from tall buildings and trees, the signal is never sufficient. In that case, a signal booster comes in handy to resolve the signal challenges of the consumer.

Signal booster


A signal booster often referred to as an amplifier or repeater, is a device that collects the low signal and steps it up so that mobile phone users experience the least network interruption on call or while streaming the internet.

Mode of Operation

An O2 signal booster’s main operation is to pick up weak O2 mobile signals; it then amplifies them and relays them to phones in a home, office, or vehicle. The phones used must be on 3G or 4G compliant to connect to the signal booster. As a caution O2 signal booster only works with O2 network numbers, so you have to buy their sim card to take advantage of the signal booster. Sorry for those on other networks!

Each signal booster can have up to 32 numbers registered to it at a time. The signal booster allows up to four phone calls at once. The user will be charged their normal call rate or browsing rates when using a signal booster, or they can use the tariff allowance to make calls.

The boost box uses an external antenna to pick up weak signals and transmits the signal to the internal amplifier. The amplifier increases the signal’s frequency to achieve two things, improve network strength, and increase the network coverage area.

The amplifier sends the signal to the internal antenna, which broadcasts it to the phones in a home or office. The booster can help increase internet speeds and call clarity.

Final word;

The O2 booster is very handy to get better internet speeds, clearer calls, and reducing strain on your phone, reducing phone battery drainage. It is easy to use once you register with several visual aids like the Power, Connection, Device Status, and Using Your Mobile lights to guide consumers on using the amplifier.