Removing Business

Removing Business or Residential Rubbish Build Up

Rubbish and waste can build up around the business premises at a moments notice depending on what type of company that you run.

As a UK business owner it is your duty to look after the premises that you and your staff work at and make sure it is clean, tidy and is a safe environment for all around.

There are certain laws in the UK that should be stuck to involving all types of waste and we go through a few in this short article.

Packaging: If you produce more that 50 tonnes of packaging you must register with the authorities to do so.

Vehicles: Vehicles that have are no longer useable or (ELV) which means end of life vehicles are classified as waste and must be disposed of in a suitable manner. Whoever you give the vehicle to after will need to comply with UK law and dispose of recycle in the appropriate manner.

Electrical Equipment: If your company sells anything electrical then it is your duty to provide information to your customers on how to dispose

Batteries: You must have a collection point available so all batteries are in one place ready for collection. This will include other electrical items like mobile phones, computer monitors and laptops.

All waste should be kept in suitable containers that ensure it is out of harms way and will not cause any obstructions. You will also need to organise a regular collection date for it po be picked up by a licenced company.

Here are some useful example inks below!