Airbnb Hosts

6 Tips For Airbnb Hosts

When you decide to be an Airbnb host, apart from the obvious fact that you will earn more from your extra space, you will also get an opportunity to make new friends. However, it is not always that straightforward; you’re not alone, there are many other hosts battling for the same clients/ guests as you. You need to convince, and give guests reason to pick your space, and not your competitors. Here are some few tips on how you can go about it

  1. Go the extra mile

Most people think that hospitality just ends by welcoming your guests with a smile and showing them to their rooms. However, if you want to standout you should be willing to go the extra mile of spending time with your guests, making them feel welcome and appreciated.

  1. Offer Food

Normally, all you need to do as an Airbnb host  is to provide a comfortable living space with the best amenities. If you can, try and offer to prepare breakfast for your guests for the duration they will be renting. Have refreshments available all the time in the fridge. It might seem costly, but the long term benefits are worth it.

  1. Wash Sheets

Also, you can offer some extra services ike those offered in hotels like washing your guest’s sheets. Be happy while doing it, and you will be surprised at how better your reviews will be.

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  1. Offer Transportation

Airbnb Guests visit from different parts of the UK and the world at large. Consequently, they would love to take a tour of the city or town they are residing once in a while. One way to make a better impression as an Airbnb host is by volunteering to chauffeur them around. You are the best tour guide since this is your home area; however, always seek their consent as some guests prefer exploring new places on their own.

  1. Be child-friendly

Some guests travel as a family. If you get such guests, ready your house accordingly. Make the house safe for kids; be friendly and gentle with them. Buy kiddy stuff that will make kids happy and you will win the hearts of their parents.

  1. Know What Your Guests Love

Before a tourist decides to rent out your space, always get a chance to speak with them. This is the seamless opportunity where you can learn about what they love. Are they vegetarians? Do they have any existing medical conditions that require special treatment? Such information will not just help you prepare for their arrival, but will also make them feel welcome and appreciated; a perfect recipe for positive reviews!