Top five Cities for Culture

Top 5 Cities for Culture

Culture defines the beliefs, customs, arts, music, living conditions and dressing designs of a particular society, group, place or time. It also manifests the way of thinking, behaving, acting and working that exists in a community.  Society and culture are intertwined; culture and history define a people. Below are the top 5 cities that are known for their cultural endowment. ;

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Winnipeg, Canada– Winnipeg means ‘muddy water’ and is located in Canada’s landmass. It is the home to the total highest population in the country. It has the highest concentration of the Metis people who have lived in Manitoba for centuries. The concentration of the Metis contributes to 6.3 percent of the urban population. Manitoba is also the final resting place of the 19th century Metis leader, Louis Riel who is also known as the founder of Manitoba.

Jerusalem; Jerusalem is home to many Christian ruins and sites. Each year, almost a million people from all over the world visit Jerusalem due to its cultural heritage.

Mombasa; Mombasa is a coastal city in Kenya, famous for the Fort Jesus. The Fort Jesus was built by early Portuguese traders in the 14th century, and still stands to date. It touches the Indian Ocean, and is a testimony of Portuguese conquest adventures long before the Arabs or British ventured into Africa.

Cairo; Egypt is home to many tombs and pyramids built by Pharaohs. Mind you, Pyramids still remain as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Rio de Janeiro; Rio is famous for its annual carnival festival, that attracts hundreds of thousands of participants. Visitors from far and wide visit Brazil each year to just come and mingle with the locals, who’re often dressed in scary masks, scanty traditional skirts for women, and the heavy drums that are drummed in the procession.


Indeed culture is inseparable from mankind; each of the above cities has something unique and interesting to offer.