Hip Hop Dance

Hip-hop dance started gaining popularity in the late 80s, and by the early 90s, it had solidly entrenched itself as the popular preference of teenagers and youths. Even today, this dance continues to enjoy massive popularity among the teens, specifically students. You’ll find students enrolling for hip-hop dance lessons just to learn the latest moves, and perfect what they already know.

Below are some of the most common reasons why students learn hip-hop;

  • It’s stylish and trendy; hip-hop is seen as stylish and trendy by many students, and for a good reason. Whoever can dance best, whoever can execute the latest moves is viewed as the most popular, the coolest among other students.
  • Hip-hop culture; hip-hop is a culture; it is more than just about dancing. It is about the clothing, it is about the swagger and so on so forth.
  • Dance troupes; students often arrange themselves into dance troupes, where they practice jointly. They then can perform in events and enter into competitions.
  • Keep Fit; Hip-hop dancers tend to be fit and healthy, thanks to the rigorous training needed before one is perfect. It involves leg work, moving your waist, hands, neck, head, arms; hip-hop dance entails working out almost your entire body.
  • It’s fun; Students tend to get very excited and thrilled about dancing hip-hop, it is so much fun to them. Besides, hip-hop is being fused nowadays with other styles like Bollywood dance school, to come up with highly dynamic and captivating moves that are fun to watch, and fun to dance.
  • Keep off drugs; an idle mind is the workshop of the devil. Students tend to be the easiest victims of vices like drug use, and other irresponsible behavior. But when they enroll for hip-hop dance lessons, they don’t have much of the free and idle time that they’d use to do drugs.